March Madness Payout Calculator

So it’s that time of year again, March Madness has come around! This means people spending countless hours researching teams, creating brackets, joining pools, etc. At work every year we start a pool for the scores of each round. Basically, you get assigned a random winning number and losing number. You look at the final box score of a given game, and if they match your assignment you win X amount of dollars based on the round! Simple right?

This year, I found myself busier than normal (basically I have other things to do than watch College Basketball all day) so I decided to write a quick app to determine how much I will win. I am leveraging a unOfficial NCAA API so the data might not be 100% accurate, but it will be good enough for my purposes! 🙂

Feel free to check out the source code below so you can use it too. Note: you might need to tweak payouts, and your magic numbers to your specs!


No wget, No Problem!

I don’t post enough, so I am going to try to make some day to day blog posts here and there.

So today, I had an interesting experience with some hardware at work running a custom Linux OS. It was pretty locked down, and there is no simple “yum/apt-get install.” To make matters worse, most “core” packages were custom and didn’t exist. Some of these missing packages were wget, rsync, or curl.

I was tasked with putting a rather large file on this system, and was told the best way was to take a USB stick and plug it in. See…I am lazy (it was also -25 degrees outside to get to Building B). This means I needed to waste my time walking in the tundra I call Chiberia, when I could have been hammering away at something else.

First thing I do, login the box. Alright…so I have remote access. Let’s see, I can resolve internal addresses. Typical. Hmm…what about other addresses? Hmm interesting, I can reach them as well. Telnet to 80? Cool, that works too! wget failed…as expected…meh, worth a shot. Hmm, this is custom Linux, I mean…they really shouldn’t touch python. I wonder…BINGO! I got a python shell! In the shell, I ran the below script to essentially “wget” a file onto the box. Took a while, but it worked.

import urllib
urllib.urlretrieve("", "bigoldfile.tgz")

Sure this works, but again…i’m lazy; this is a bit of typing anyways. I want something scriptable that I can just call with a url. Behold, my I know, nothing fancy, but it works. Just call, python <some_url>. Enjoy it for what it’s worth.

import urllib
import sys

url = str(sys.argv[1])
file_name = url.split("/")[-1]
urllib.urlretrieve (url, file_name)

New Year, New You! New Portfolio Design!

Before I start, happy holidays and have a safe and awesome holiday season! Looking forward to all the adventures 2015 brings!

So I know I haven’t updated this page in a while, but I figured what better time than now! 2014 is coming to an end, and 2015 is coming fast our way. For now, enjoy this new template “Twenty Fifteen!” It is a stock theme that comes with WordPress. By switching I not only afforded myself a nice looking website but also a responsive look and feel that looks great on mobile.  Looks very sharp, and required only some minor changes to the core PHP theme files and CSS to my liking, such as:

# echo Joel loves using these to simulate a terminal!
# Joel loves using these to simulate a terminal!

Aside from a crazy year @ gogo with a lot of new and exciting projects, all has been well! Still learning, still automating, still Joel! Still sprucing up the page, along with my update Resume, and projects I can share. Check back soon!

In terms of a short article, how many of you have seen “The Interview”? The movie was first being pulled by movie theaters in fear of being compromised, next Sony is forced to pull the movie, Obama criticizes Sony for pulling the movie, and Sony ends up releasing the movie to theaters that want to play it! Crazy ride! Aside from all the political hoopla, the movie is very crude yet very entertaining. Don’t expect a less than heavy hitting comedy, and sometimes it even goes over the top.

Though the entire banning/unbanning story is not as important (in my eyes) to what Sony did next. Sony also made the movie available by means of streaming straight from your home! That’s right! You can rent the movie just like any other movie from Google Play, Xbox Video, and other providers! I feel that this is going to quickly become a trend if this movie does well. As a movie company, why would I lose potential profits to a movie theater (who can restrict, refuse to show, or dictate when and how long my movie is available for) when I can go straight to the consumer? Heck! I would suggest they decrease the rental period from a 24 hour window to a 6 hour window!

Let’s face it, the movie theater is a great experience, but the fact that a movie ticket alone would cost me nearly the price of the movie at retail is a bit absurd. The movies biggest draw used to be the fact that people had tiny televisions with less than optimal quality. Today, we have 7.1 surround sounds in our homes with 4K resolution television sets that can even do 3D! I don’t feel that movie theaters should cease to exist, but rather movie studios should work to making BOTH options available to the consumer market. Well, enough ranting! What are your thoughts? I for one am for it, how about you all?


Unexpected Advice From Terry Crews

So a while back (almost a year now), I saw that Terry Crews did an AMA (for those unfamiliar AMA stands for Ask Me Anything) on reddit. I decided to contribute to the pool of questions, despite the fact he may never see my question. I carried on my day and did my usual routine at the time; go to school, go to my then internship, go home, go to the gym, restart. However, before I went to sleep I decided to check my guilty pleasure of reddit one more time and was surprised to see that my comment karma shot through the roof. Looking closely, I saw that Terry Crews actually responded back to me! Reading his comment, it instantly became a classic quote for me. So I thought I would share:

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.23.27 AM

“Never stop being YOU. I am out to be the best ME I can be. Do what you LOVE and you will be badass.”

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day friends!