A Break From The Norm

So it’s that time of year, we have to come and reflect what we are all thankful for. I want to take this time to thank so many people in my life…here it goes.

Thankful for all the blessings I had this year; graduated college, got my first job, been given good health. Even achieving one of those things is amazing, the fact that I did all those things (with the help and support of all my friends and family) is really a blessing. Just know that with y’alls support, I would be nothing. You all motivate me to get better and better, and you never fail to do so.

I am thankful for having the best coworkers in the world. Y’all mentored me, y’all took me under your wings as a novice intern. I hope that you have learned from me as the way I have learned from you. The fact that I enjoy waking up, going to work, and working with all you is an amazing thing. Not many people can say they love their job; but I am proud to say that I do thanks to all of you.

Next, I am thankful my sports crew. We play basketball, we play football, heck we even play softball. We lift together, we eat together. We play hard, and even though we may play hard on the court/field, off the field we are all friends. No hate, just love for the game and one another.

I am thankful for all the new friends I have made this year. It is always good to have good people in your life. I have meet some strong willed and inspiring people this year; ThinkChicago, DePaul Linux Community, Graduation, etc. Don’t ever change! 🙂

Next, I wanna be thankful for my concert crew. Lollapalooza? Riot Fest? NorthCoast? I try to make those festivals fun for y’all when we hang out, and you guys and gals do likewise; even though I do get a bit…rowdy hehe. Fun times! Let’s do it again 2014? 🙂

Finally, I am extremely thankful for all the close friends and family. You all know who you are; you guys/gals are always there for me even when I am at my lowest. I hope you all realize that I am there for you all too.

Happy Thanksgiving all! At the risk of sounding cheesy, “Money will come and go. The most important thing in life will always be the people you know. Salud, mi familia.”

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